Technical Information

ReadyLeaf faux foliage – artificial green walls and hedges

Specifications and technical info

Made to the standards set by today’s discerning market

Readyleaf faux foliage

Made with low density polyethylene impregnated with Ciba-Geigy HAL UV stabilising agents.  Can be recycled – recycle number 4

The artificial leaf tiles are made of plastic leaf sprigs attached to a plastic mesh.There are two components: leaf sprigs and mesh tiles. The sprigs push on to nodules at the grid junctions of the plastic mesh.

The smallest unit is 25cm x 25cm. Push on male/female connectors join the tiles to give seamless greenery.

The tiles come with leaf attached and ship as 50cm x 50cm modules.

 Their performance is measured by:

    • Realistic form and colour
    • Durability
    • Quality and make of UV stabilising agents used
    • Accelerated weather test rating 
    • Robustness of components
    • Cleanliness of plastic eg. lead, cadmium. 

Readyleaf faux foliage

Artificial leaf panel installation

Fake leaf tile components

Data sheets for Readyleaf tiles

Product data sheet-buxus

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Extending Willow and Leaf Trellis

Readyleaf willow and artificial leaf screens can extend out to 2.7m in length.  The trellis concertinas out gradually lessening in height as the length grows.  As shipped in its back it stands 1.3m high by 60cm wide. The leaf is densely packed in this form but becomes less dense as the trellis extends out.

The trellis is made of natural willow and the foliage is UV stabilised so can be used outside and won’t fade in sunlight. Readyleaf trellis can be cut to length if required but the junctions where the willow poles meet need to be tied off so the end is secure.