4 eco-ticks for artificial greenery 

Artificial Ferns and Leaves - Made from recycled plastic

Can be recycled

Artificial hedges - no watering required

No watering

No fertilisers or pesticides

No fertilisers or pesticides

No maintenance - plastic Hedge Panels

No Maintenance

Premium quality products and service

• Instant and hassle free
• Easy to install tiles that clip together for seamless greenery
• Cover almost any surface
• Made with  recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE)
• Free of harmful heavy metals

Readyleaf artificial greenery has been tested for over 4 years in New Zealand’s high UV sun.   More durable than many look alikes.


READYLEAF is an ONLINE STORE only. Please email us for quotes and orders at sales@readyleaf.co.nz 

What our customers say

Readyleaf hedges are the best :)

I’m totally over dying buxus hedges because I haven’t gotten around to watering them. So Readyleaf hedges are the best. That plus they look really good!

E DowdleEpsom, Auckland

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