4 eco-ticks for artificial greenery 

Artificial Ferns and Leaves - Made from recycled plastic

Can be recycled

Artificial hedges - no watering required

No watering

No fertilisers or pesticides

No fertilisers or pesticides

No maintenance - plastic Hedge Panels

No Maintenance

Premium quality products and service

• Instant and hassle free
• Easy to install tiles that clip together for seamless greenery
• Cover almost any surface
• Made with low density polyethylene (LDPE). Can be recycled.
• Free of harmful heavy metals

Readyleaf artificial greenery has been tested for over 5 years in New Zealand’s high UV sun.   More durable than many look alikes.


READYLEAF is an ONLINE STORE only. Please email us for quotes and orders at sales@readyleaf.co.nz 

What our customers say

Even the birds are fooled - they keep trying to nest in it!

We love our Readyleaf and have recommended it to others. It has changed our yard from plain and ugly to lush and vibrant.
Even the birds are fooled. They keep trying to nest in it!

S and M FranceHamilton

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