Installation Details

Installing Vertical Gardens


Our custom made artificial vertical gardens are delivered ready to fix to most surfaces.  Just glue or screw the panel(s) on and fluff up the plants where needed (packing can flatten them a little).


Create your own vertical garden masterpiece.  Choose your own artificial plants and background faux foliage cover for walls and fences and experiment with the hundreds of planting combinations you can make from just a few varieties.

Joining Artificial Leaf Tiles

Joining artificial plant tiles is quick and easy with ready leaf. All you need to do is clip the hooks and holes between each tile.

Grooming Leaf Tiles

Quickly and easily replace pieces on your installation.

More Grooming

Quickly and easily replace pieces on your installation.

Artificial Leaf Tile Installation Guides

        Readyleaf on concrete wall Download Attaching Readyleaf to concrete and masonry. pdf

        pdfIconsmall Download RLHedgeInGround pdf