Karo variegated

Artificial leaf on extending trellis

Attractive, robust, cost effective and  so easy to use.

What more could you want!

Perfect for privacy on balconies and decks.  Great wall decor.  Ideal for partitioning large spaces.  Looks fantastic on suspended ceilings or on pergolas.

  •  May be used vertically or horizontally.
  • UV stabilised foliage for outdoors
  • PVC solid construction. Very durable.
  • Easily cut to fit.

Attaching to walls and balustrades
Cable ties are the easiest way to fix the trellis to metal fences and glass balustrades.
For soft surfaces like timber, ply or gib use screws with large washers.  For interiors or sheltered outdoor spaces 14mm stainless steel heavy duty staples work.

Fixing to masonry is a little more involved.  Two methods that work well are:
1. Fix battens to the masonry and then secure the trellis to this with screws and washers.
2. Embed masonry plugs into the wall and use screws with large washers to fix the trellis

Whichever method is used, each panel must be firmly fixed for a long life.

The trellis ships in bags 1.3m x 450mm.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 130 cm


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