Jade Garden artificial green wall panels are perfect for creating a lush green ambience in bars, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets. They also make attractive green backdrops for events, exhibitions, weddings, company logos and so much more

Each panel has 25 plants attached to a pair of  nodules located throughout  the plastic mesh backing. The plants can be rearranged into different layouts so there is no repetition on walls with more than one panel.  Just unclip a plant from the nodules and reattach on another pair. Get creative and arrange plants of the same size in groups or clusters that become part of a larger layout when covering a large wall.

The panels are versatile and easy to install. Just screw or staple them to the substrate.  They can be cut to any size or shape, will bend around curved walls or wrap around columns.

Readyleaf’s Jade Garden green wall panels are UV stabilised for outdoor use they come with a 4 year guarantee.  Our readymade green wall panels have spent over 4 years on a sunny north facing wall in New Zealand’s high UV environment without any noticeable fading.  They are robust, durable and withstand  high winds and salt air.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 10 cm