Readleaf extending trellis panels make ideal green screens for glass balustrades on balconies and decks. The greenery gives privacy without blocking the light.

They also look great on fences walls and ceilings.
The trellis concertinas from its contracted position out to 2.6m.  Its height lessens as it length extends.  At 1.5m long it’s 1.2m high, at 2m long it’s 1m high and so on until it reaches 2.6m long at 0.6m high.
The greenery attached  becomes less dense as the trellis extends.

Attaching to walls and balustrades
Cable ties are the easiest way to fix the trellis to metal fences and glass balustrades.
Masonry or concrete walls need plugs for screws to tie the trellis to.
For soft surfaces like timber, ply or gib, 25mm-30mm u-shaped fencing staples work well.

Whatever method chosen each panel must be firmly fixed so it won’t move in wind.

If you have a balcony or deck and you want to know if the trellis will fit and how many are needed.  Email the dimensions to us and we’ll work it out for you.




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