Conifer Premium wall and hedge tiles are our one of our most life-like tiles. It is a dense dark green look that blends well on large walls or spaces in the garden where the sun does not shine.

Conifer tiles come on a robust backing  that make it quite a durable product. Each 50cm x 50cm tiles clip together to create a larger growing surface that looks deceptively natural.

It is also our densest tile, with virtually complete cover. 

It’s also easy to cut to fit your space. You can also bend it to wrap around any curved surface- like a column etc. 

Attractive, robust and durable, Readyleaf greenery outperforms similar products in quality and real time exposure to New Zealand’s climate.

Not all artificial leaf products that look the same perform the same. For durability and UV protection always choose Readyleaf products.

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Weight .60 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 2.5 cm


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