Shady Glen artificial green wall panels are designed and made to our specifications.  They are perfect for creating a lush and verdant ambience in commercial and residential spaces.

They also make attractive  green backdrops for events, exhibitions, weddings and company logos.

Great value for money with more plants per panel than off the rack models.  Each panel has about 25 plants on a dense foliage background.
To avoid repetition when more than one panel is used, just rearrange the plants differently in each panel.

The panels have a dense plastic mesh backing with foliage attached.  The plants clip on to nodules on the mesh. To rearrange the plant layout, simply pull the plant off the nodules and reattach on nodules in a different location.

They are very versatile and easy to install.  Cut them to shape, mold them around curves, wrap them around columns and attach them to almost any surface.

Installation is usually by screwing them to the substrate or with cable ties when attaching to balustrades or mesh fences.

UV stabilised artificial green wall panels are ideal for outdoors and have a 5 year Readyleaf guarantee.

To clean, just hose down while using a soft brush.  If indoors, use a mist sprayer and soft cloth

Visit our customer gallery to see the many ways they’ve been used.

Check out more varieties of our readymade artificial green wall panels here.

If you wish to add plants to an already dense cover, email us and we’ll send you a plant list with prices.

For a superior product, make the Readyleaf choice.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 10 cm