Arcadia custom made green walls are a harmonious mix of ferns, grasses and forest plants with a sprinkling of small white flowers.

Readyleaf  green walls are designed using premium artificial plants selected and imported for their fine quality and realistic appearance.  They can be made to any size or shape and are equally as impressive as wall to wall cover or as a feature that hangs on a wall like a work of art.

Like all our custom made green wall themes, Arcadia’s plant layout can take many forms. There can be mass planted areas, dominant varieties or single points of interest.

If you think this is the theme for your wall, your creative input is welcome.  The plants can be arranged in patterns and shapes or spread homogenously across the canvas.

To be sure you make an informed choice we will suggest a layout for your feedback.  If this is to your liking a sample can be made so you can see how the plants work together and what they look like ‘in the flesh’.

The panel in the photo has approximately 40 -50 plants per square metre.  The final price depends on the quantities of the various plants used.

The planting can be as flexible as you wish.  For instance,  the plants with small white flowers can be more numerous than the ferns or vice versa. There is no hard and fast rule although our designs tend to follow natural growth patterns rather than the orderly layouts seen in formal gardens.

Don’t hesitate to ask for details on how our green walls are made.





Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm