ReadyLeaf faux foliage –  green walls, screens and hedges 

Artificial leaf fence and wall cover 

  • No feeding
  • No watering
  • No pesticides
  • No waiting
  • No trimming
  • No dead leaves

Instant green hedges and screens

  • Privacy and shelter
  • Cover and camouflage
  • Screening and displaying
  • Beautifying and enhancing
  • Hedging borders and boundaries
  • Portable and versatile

Premium quality artificial green walls and hedges

A new generation of artificial plants and faux foliage.

ReadyLeaf foliage is made with high grade recycled polyethylene free of heavy metals and impurities.  This is impregnated with the latest Ciba-Geigy UV stabilising compounds.

Our faux leaf fence and wall tiles cover just about any surface – walls, fences, balustrades, pergolas, ceilings, even as ground cover.  They make ideal green backdrops for weddings, functions, events, film production and retail displays and so much more.

To ensure you buy a clean, durable product, always choose ReadyLeaf

Carefree Greenery